UCITS to PRIIPs KID Transition:

Are we there yet?





Get the latest legal and regulatory insights on the upcoming UCITS to PRIIPs KID Transition.

Join Zeidler's team of regulatory, legal and data experts for the 'UCITS to PRIIPs KID Transition: Are we there yet?' webinar-on-demand,

 Access the webinar as our panellists:

  • Provide a brief context  and overview of the current status of the transition
  • Take a delve into the RTS and the discuss the impact of the Commission Level 1 review
  • Examine the future of the UCITS KIID and review the many unanswered questions
  • Advise on how firms can best prepare now

Panellists include:

  • Kunal Grover, Business Development Director, Zeidler Group
  • Katrina Crampton, Associate,  Zeidler Group
  • Martin Jones, Head of Product- Data Solutions, Zeidler Group

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